What are the 3 main reasons why it is important for you to find your purpose in life?

#1 You only live once

We have a limited time on this planet. Every second counts. Without having a purpose, you spend most of your time searching for something that will give you meaning. Instead of wasting your time flipping through the channels, find a great movie and watch it! Most people discover their purpose so late in life that they don’t have enough time to use that knowledge to live their best life. You only live once, make the best of it!

#2 Find your purpose to weed out the nonsense

Sometimes having too many options is overwhelming. Not having a clear grasp on what your purpose is can give you “shiny object syndrome” and make you gravitate towards anything that seems like a good idea. Once you have discovered your purpose, your subconscious mind will ignore the ideas and opportunities that don’t align with your path. The longer you stay on the same path, the closer you will get to your destination.

#3 Find your purpose to optimize your value to the world

Finding your purpose is not just about you. It is about how you can optimize the way you give back to the world. Finding your purpose is knowing that with your unique set of skills, experience, and desire, you have determined the best way you can contribute to society. At the end of the day while others will definitely benefit from your contributions, it is ultimately the benefit of fulfilling your own spiritual desires that makes living your purpose worth while.

BONUS – Find your purpose to gain confidence

One of the benefits from knowing your purpose is to understand what you want to be great at and what you don’t really care about. Without a purpose, sometimes it really hurts when you try something and fail at it. While it still may sting a little, knowing that what you just failed at is not in line with your path will soften the blow. Also knowing why you are here on this planet, how you can help others, and why you are important to the grand scheme of things will give you a reason to stand taller and fear less.

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